Enter the Tester | State of Matterless #45

3 min readDec 8, 2022

The Matterless order grows fuller with a new teammate, our community shows off their AR racing skills, and the new evolution of Incos takes shape.

Enter the Tester

We’re charging into 2023 with a full complement of Matterless sorcerers, so before 2022 closes out, we’ve added a new hero to the ranks. Give it up for our new senior QA tester, Michal, from Poland! Michal’s task will be to ensure that our AR hovercar app Floorcraft: Arena is up to snuff by working with the dev team to find bugs and optimize the QA processes.

Before joining Matterless, Michal honed his skills working with e-commerce platforms, mobile games, and data analysis software.

“I love all kinds of games, including pen & paper, mobile, and PC, along with science fiction and fantasy books and shows,” he says, “I also enjoy traveling with my wife, although now that we have a dog, it’s getting a bit tricky to do that!”


Since the launch of Floorcraft: Arena in the App Store, we ran a competition on our socials called #playFloorcraft, encouraging our players to share their gameplay footage with us. The results showed us how our AR toys could act as a prism through which different people could channel their imaginations. In Floorcraft: Arena, there are no more rules or objectives than a Micro Machines playset; we provide you the toys, and your creativity takes it from there! Let’s take a look at some entries we got from the community:

Our winning entry is by Tracy, who almost fooled us into thinking we had programmed realistic flame effects with our obstacles!

Bigdawg and his friend have a full-on demolition derby while waiting for dinner, with the restaurant staff totally oblivious to the chaos happening within their establishment.

They say dogs can sense ghosts, but can they sense AR objects too? Howling Husky’s canine friend certainly lends credence to the theory.

Xhippo.lens’ entry features some excellent blending of physical and digital fixtures for a rather unique arena.

VRDays in Rotterdam

VRDays Europe’s Immersive Tech Week wrapped up last week and has brought to a close 2022’s tentpole XR events in Europe. Dariusz and Damir were on-site in Rotterdam, connecting, investigating, and laying the groundwork for collaborations and new ventures in 2023.

We also used this opportunity to visit panels and lectures on XR (extended reality) to see where the whole industry is heading. We wanted to understand the plans to legislate privacy issues and data mining on a European level. In the growing era of more sensors being used to track things like hand and body movement and eye gaze-based interaction that can be recorded by the cameras placed in headsets, it's important to make sure we are creating the rules that preserve the privacy rights of users of AR and VR tech.

Bob Blob Blog

Design work on the next evolution of Inco is nearing its final form, with our 3D wizard Merlin leading the charge. After months of experimentation, which included leveraging an AI art generator for inspiration, Bob the blob will undergo one more facelift before his design is locked in and the development team begins animation work. We will have more to share on this very soon, so stay tuned.

Let us know what you think of this new type of Inco at our Discord, and I’ll see you again next week!

— Kerwin, community manager




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