Floorcraft: Arena Is Here! | State of Matterless #39

4 min readOct 20, 2022


A huge day for us - Matterless launched our first AR toy, Floorcraft: Arena! The first Matterless app is available on iOS!

Floorcraft: Arena Is Here!

Vroom, vroom — BOOM!

Yeah, you read it right — our first-ever AR toy, Floorcraft: Arena, is now available on the App Store for iOS devices! Scan into a shared AR session, select your hovercar, then drive, race, & crash together with your friends in multiplayer mayhem!

We wanted the launch to coincide with the team’s presence at AWE in Lisbon, so the team scrambled to polish the app and submit it to Apple for approval.

Though we had a contingency plan in place just in case we were rejected, our worries turned out to be unfounded when Floorcraft: Arena was approved for the App Store immediately. We couldn’t have done this without the talents of Matterless wizards like Vidhvat, Robin, Batu, Andreas, and Thomas, along with the ConjureKit SDK by Auki Labs.

Now that you can finally play with our AR magic, share your coolest Floorcraft: Arena video, use the hashtag #playFloorcraft, and tag us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. We’ll select one person to win USD250! You’ve got till Oct 31, 23:59 CEST.

Hovercar Firepower

Floorcraft: Arena is out, but this is only the first game mode we will share with the world. Currently, you defeat your opponents by ramming your hovercar into them, but what if you could annihilate them through more destructive means? That’s what 3D artist Batu has been working on!

First up, we have a hood-mounted flamethrower that will turn up the heat on your rivals… if you’re skilled enough to keep at close range and maintain your aim!

Second, we have a wrecking ball that can crush your pursuers like a watermelon in a hippo’s mouth when you release it from your rear magnet at the right moment.

And finally, my favorite, landmines! Woe betide those who tailgate you while you’re armed with these bad boys… just make sure you don’t accidentally blow yourself up :D.

These are a few ideas we’re planning to introduce more competitive gameplay to Floorcraft.

Do you want to be a game designer? Have ideas of your own? We’re listening and you can tell us how to make our racer/basher toy better on our Discord channel. Go ahead, come up with something awesome.

In Awe at AWE

The Auki Labs band on World Tour.

Nine teammates from both Matterless and Auki Labs arrived in Lisbon, Portugal, to showcase our AR magic at AWE, the biggest gathering of XR (Extended Reality) professionals and enthusiasts.

CEO Nils spellcasting his presentation in front of a live audience.

If you’re an attendee, the team is at Stand 141, and you can find out what the future of augmented reality looks like to us — spoiler; it’s magical!

Podcast Episode 5 is Out: Toys and Builders of Web3

The podcast is a way to show everyone what kind of conversations we have on a regular basis to define and expand on the underlying philosophies driving our work.

The latest episode of The Cyberdelic Podcast is now available for listening to, and we’re joined once again by CEO Nils and CCO Damir in what is probably their most expansive conversation to date. Have a listen for insights on the development of digital spaces in the web3 community, the distinctions between toys and games, the future of (visual) communication with shared AR, and how Dungeons & Dragons are a way to create a communal storytelling experience, much like a musical jam session, but for narratives.

Now go download Floorcraft: Arena and share it with your friends and family. Try it out, give us a five-star review, and show your frenenemies who’s the Mistress/Master of the Road.

And remember, Matterless AR experiences are always better when shared…

— Kerwin, Social Media Manager




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