State of Matterless #8

Hey all, this is Damir, the CCO of Matterless. I’ll be helping out Jason to bring you the news today. We are knee-deep in mood design, localization, vis dev, and for the first time, we are hiring a social media manager! Let’s jump in, and scroll all the way down for a chance to get hired.

Mood design

One of the multiple hormone branches is based on the effects of serotonin

This week we looked at the inner workings of animal (and human) behavior — hormones! It’s a complex system, but it does offer valuable insight into how nature solved the challenge of making animals content, safe, and part of a group.

Our goal isn’t to become psychophysiology experts but to see how we can simplify it and break it down into broad categories that we can then use in our game. However, if you are so inclined, you can check out the free Stanford course on behavioral biology by the great Robert Sapolsky:

Language and Sound

In our next major build, we will be incorporating sound for the first time. We will also introduce support for different languages. There will be a settings menu for you to switch languages and enable or disable sounds.

As we tweeted last week, the first non-English language we will be supporting is Thai! This is a way to say thank you to all of the support that our Thai community members! You have given us so much great feedback and this is a way for us to show YOU our appreciation. Also, we could not have done it without our amazing translation team. ขอบคุณ!

P.S. Did you notice the inventory system menu at the bottom?

Concept art

Beep bop CLICK! CLICK!

Merlin made some cute camera bots! We are still iterating on the design, but now we have an in-house artist working on items. We are looking forward to seeing what flair Merlin will bring to the models based on Antonio’s concepts.


Do you want to build the future of digital companionship?

We are looking for a social media manager! As we are getting started on more focused branding efforts for Matterless, we’ve been interviewing a lot of potential candidates to join us. An ideal person would have experience in social media AND a familiarity with the world of augmented reality.

Are you such a person? Or, you have a friend who can’t stop talking about the metaverse? Send them our way! This is your chance to become a part of the Matterless team.

Join our Discord, drop us a line on Medium, or send an email to

That’s all for this week, see you next Wednesday!

-Damir, CCO

Digital life. Real connections. True affection. Matterless Studios is creating animal companions for the metaverse.

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Matterless Studios

Matterless Studios

Digital life. Real connections. True affection. Matterless Studios is creating animal companions for the metaverse.

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