Roadmaps & Timelines | State of Matterless #69

5 min readAug 2, 2023


Greetings, old friends and new! Welcome back to our digital playground, where we’ve been tinkering away, pushing the boundaries of reality, and breathing life into the future of augmented reality. We’ve taken a brief hiatus from our weekly updates to bring you a more comprehensive look at the magic we’ve been brewing. So, let’s pull back the curtain.

Floorcraft Blasters

In the heart of our digital lab, we’ve been crafting a world where the physical and digital realms intertwine seamlessly. This is where Floorcraft: Blasters was born.

Floorcraft: Blasters is a shared augmented reality experience that merges the digital and physical worlds.

What sets Floorcraft: Blasters apart is its shared AR feature, which allows interactions between AR objects. This fast-paced multiplayer game offers both PvP and Co-op modes, providing an infinite gameplay cycle.

The app allows players to operate vehicles and engage in laser battles. It also helps us decide who gets the last piece of chocolate.

The Mayhem version, however, is all about cooperation and fighting the enemy that is spawned in the area adjacent to the tower randomly. It’s our own version of a tower defense game right in your living room!

Our roadmap for the demo includes a stable, optimized version with domain integration by mid-August.

And by the end of August, we plan to introduce Crates & Collectables, followed by UI/UX polishing and game mechanics balancing & improvements in mid-September.

The development of Floorcraft: Blasters is powered by Matterless Domains, a concept developed by Auki Labs. These domains are so much more than a playground — we are developing a retail solution for big supermarkets that will allow staff members and customers to paint their spaces with digital information that serves a mich bigger purpose than playing with toys — it becomes part of an AR metaverse. Matterless Domains are virtual real estate for shared augmented reality, allowing you to manifest your knowledge and imagination in the minds of others.

Setting one up is done in minutes.


The vision.

Inco is your incorporeal companion that lives in your phone and interacts with you in the real world. All the Incos react emotionally to you and your actions, respond to your gestures, fetch a ball, and even munch when you feed it!

Use the Force, Inusuke!

The Incos Domain Space Demo is a demo application that brings AR Inco interaction into real-world spaces. It’s a tool for businesses to build loyalty, drive new customers, and add a new level of brand interaction for their patrons.

Here are the features we are working on

  1. Domain Integration: By utilizing QR codes that already exist in specific spaces or building our domains, we can map out the existing spaces and add landmarks or other permanent AR features.
  2. Fleshed-out Gesture Detection: By using gestures to interact with the Inco, we can create unique experiences using hand reconstruction technology.
  3. Hand Interaction: You can now touch your Inco, stroke it, or poke it with your fingers!
  4. Image Recognition: By using image and object recognition tech, we can create interactions around specific real-world objects, such as food or branded items
  5. Inco Language Implementation: We are developing a specific type of audio communication, including multiple vocals layered with synthesized, sequenced, and mixed tonal phrases.

Our roadmap for the demo includes stable navigation and movement already done, with multiplayer support coming in the first week of August.

Networking sync.

By mid-September, we aim to implement the Inco Language, with a general polish to the demo to be done by the end of September.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is an app that brings the thrill of a treasure hunt to your own home. All you need is a domain and a Keeper to hide the treasure, and you’re ready for an adventure!

Treasure Hunt is another demo game we have designed specifically to let you experience another type of AR interaction with the real world. You can scan into the domain and find the treasure or be the keeper and hide the treasure around and have others find it.

The player’s role is to use tools and hints to find the treasure the keeper has hidden. She can use the compass to locate the position of the treasure, but the compass will not work when near the treasure (within 1 meter).

Then, she can switch to the camera — the player can take a photo to guess where the treasure is but will only find the approximate range of the treasure.

Finally, she can use a pick to dig it out. If it’s in the wrong place, the player will dig an empty hole. If she does find it, she can start to look for the next treasure buried.

By the end of August, we aim to launch Treasure Hunt in the App Store.

Android Support is Here!

This is not an iPhone.

At Auki Labs, we are committed to providing seamless experiences for all our users, regardless of their preferred platform. That’s why we have invested significant time and testing into ensuring robust Android support for our products. From our innovative Matterless AR experiences to our cutting-edge ConjureKit SDK, our team has worked tirelessly to optimize performance and compatibility across Android devices.

Our Android support not only ensures that our users can enjoy the full range of features and functionalities but also guarantees a consistent and delightful user experience.

We understand the diverse Android ecosystem and the varying device specifications, and we have started work on the devices above, but rest assured we will be expanding the list in the future.

That’s all for this update! We’re excited about the progress we’re making and can’t wait to share more with you this autumn.

— Damir, Head of Comms @Auki Labs, cofounder @Matterless.




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