State of Matterless #6

Shibas and tigers and foxes, oh my!

We made a ton of improvements and additions this week. Closed beta 0.2 has been released, karma and metamass is integrated into the app, and you get to change the name of your pet to whatever you want! Read on for details of implementation made as we enter March…

Version 0.2 Has Been Released

The team has been working super hard and released the next build for you! This build, available to our Patreon supporters, has a lot of foundational work.
Here’s what’s new!

Pet Naming!

Breaker of betas, longest of her name, and mother of refactorings.

FINALLY, you can name your pet! This was one of the most requested features after our 0.1 release. We’ve seen some great (and silly) names and we love them all. Go nuts with any name you like, like Tracy did. We will tweak the name caption immediately.

Updated Mood System

Above you can also see how we now have two meters: Hunger and Social. Both of these feed into your overall mood. With overall mood, we can continue to make the simulation richer and more complex but provide a singular goal to show how well you are caring for your pet. Hunger works the same way as before. You can increase your social mood by spending time with your pet in AR.

Good Mood Karma

The Matterless metaverse has a reputation system. Karma influences how creatures interact with us.

The first prototype of our karma mechanic. I’m sure it will be very fun to see which of our discord users has the most Karma Karma doesn’t do anything, and the actual number will probably be reset later once the mechanics are refined.

Deployable Metaflora

This is a big technical achievement, being able to deploy an item and have your pet interact with it. A critical first step towards future features including an item inventory, fruit growing, and more.


A simple tutorial to introduce you to the world of Matterless and help you name your first pet. Our current Alice model will get a once-over in the following weeks. Some of her facial expressions are definitely very characteristic of her disposition. Stay tuned for the return of our comic in the spring.

Auki SDK 0.2

Auki Labs CEO and founder Nils Pihl sits down with the Neo Tokyo community to discuss the future of augmented reality, spatial computing, and the metaverse.

We’ve included a more stable Aukiverse build. This won’t have any direct gameplay effect but it is a big leap technically. The new SDK will provide a more stable experience with fewer crashes. There is so much more hidden behind that statement. If you want to know more, above is a video about the future of AR and what we need to make it persistent.

Sign In With Apple

We enabled the Apple sign in. Right now this is the only option, and it’s required to enter the app. This isn’t ideal, but, that’s the nature of an early access build. We will add other account authentication options soon, like including email/password, Meta, and Google.

Looking past 0.2

For 0.3 some of the features we are considering are a proper inventory system, as well as a food growing feature, and integrating sounds into the app.

A lot of more work is currently being done to bring you Matterless creatures ASAP. We have loads more to show you, so subscribe for a weekly update on the state of Matterless.

— Jason, Product Manager, Matterless



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