Post-Build Matters | State of Matterless #32

The wizards conjuring matterless magic are in full force. Let me show you how we play with magic.

Post-Build Matters

The doge of many colors

Last week, the dev team released build 0.6.1 for Incos as a fast follow from last month’s 0.6. This update improved frame rate performance as well as long-standing spawning and plane identification issues, allowing matterless pet owners to interact with their digi-doggos without intersubjectivity-breaking hiccups!

Concurrently, work on build 0.7 is well underway, and the team is already integrating the overhauled UI to bring a much-needed facelift to Incos. Batu is crafting UX elements in Unity, and here is a peek behind the curtain.

Batu also implemented the Shiba customization shader into 0.6. We’ve been experimenting with more Shiba color combinations for future use. Check out the video above!

You exploded my hovercar!

Our project owner Jason has also been deep in thought about developing a potential Floorcraft game mode and pitched his ideas to the team. If you’ve been following our work on AR toys, throw your hat into the ring! Come to our Discord and tell us what you think is a good game mode. We might just give it a go one day!

Pipelines & Playtests

Our QA tester Thomas has had his plate piled high with much testing to do for our recently released feeding mechanics and custom Inco skins. Since the 0.6 dropped, he’s been updating the documentation to reflect the new changes in the app, including features that were added and removed, like the old food harvesting system.

Additionally, several previously implemented testing processes had to be reworked because of the app changes, so Thomas updated the backend automated tests. He was also able to create additional automated tests on the backend for 0.6’s new features.

Microservices, Massive Efforts

Photo by Josh Redd on Unsplash

Our backend engineer Shuning has been working diligently behind the scenes to improve the scaffolding that our matterless magic swirls within. After establishing a pipeline for our microservices’ log processing, she’s been aggregating application logs and machine health reports to AWS CloudWatch to easily monitor our system so that we can react more swiftly to technical issues with our apps. She’s also built a lightweight Golang toolkit for our microservices. These help support new Matterless apps that we are adding to our growing family of AR playthings! Invisible cogs that drive our technology take on many forms, and Shuning’s work is invaluable.

The Road To Jolly Cooperation

In this episode of “The Cyberdelic Podcast,” we talk about Terence McKenna, how reality is made up of language, and how AR is the second-to-last step in human communication.

As discussed in The Cyberdelic Podcast, we are propagating the idea that AR can be a tool for cultural transcendence, and sharing our technology along with sharing our values. Our CEO Nils has been busy meeting and showing how our AR toys could augment various brands and companies' products. Many of those who saw Matterless magic at play are interested in partnering up and creating experiences and services around Incos and Floorcraft apps. If you’re looking to work with us, we’d be delighted to hear from you in our Discord.

As you can see, there is much to do in the Matterless world! Check out our Linktree to learn more about us, and have a good weekend.

— Kerwin, social media manager



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