State of Matterless #3

Everyone, welcome to the weekly update, three weeks in a row. Now it’s officially a tradition! Let’s dive right in.

Screencap Event Winners

Last week we asked some of our closed beta testers to take screenshots of Calliope. We got a ton of feedback on what people liked to do and what they consider to be share-worthy. The Matterless team has chosen the winners of the screencap event, and here they are! Congrats to all the winners, and everyone else who got involved.

For the other entries, check out our #matterlesschallenge hashtag on Twitter!

Dev Team Updates

Last week the Asian part of the global team was celebrating the Lunar New Year, so it’s been a slow but productive week. We focused on testing the new UI concepts in the application. Also, we had some time to update to the latest Auki SDK and play with their new Application Assets Console — which is where all Matterless pets exist before they awaken in the Matterless app. The new Auki SDK is built on new cloud-based technology for increased stability and scalability.

Concept Art

What is the essence of a plant?

We’re currently exploring various iterations of metaflora design that fit with the direction we’re striving for. We, humans, have an intuitive understanding of nature, and what we expect from nature-like environments. With Matterless, we want to develop a world that feels somewhat mystical and ethereal but still very familiar.

Whilst what we’re exploring is only one possible direction, there are many lessons we’re learning daily about what does and doesn’t work for our art direction, and those lessons will be reflected in our future concept iterations. In terms of inspiration, we’re constantly looking at ways in which we can repurpose real-world environments and merge them into another — for example, many of the concepts shown on the left are heavily influenced by sea-biome elements such as corals and jellyfish. We’re excited to see where our style develops in the coming weeks.

Website Update

The old and the new. Our story is getting more finely detailed, just as the nature on our homepage

Our new website has been up and running, and this week we have finished a second iteration on the website art which will be updated soon! We feel like the update to this art is a good metaphor for what we are slowly building week by week.

That's it for this time, in the next week we're gonna be focusing on elements of game design and further drilling down on core gameplay loops, and we're gonna have some sound updates too.

Until next week,

— Jason, Product Manager, Matterless



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