Food for Thought | State of Matterless #29

What a summer we are having. This week we chose some updates for you, our dear patreons, out of the plethora of things we are working on, from team members that you usually don’t hear from and will continue to highlight the work you don’t normally hear about. Let’s jump in!

Food for Thought (By JD)

I have been implementing a new and improved system of feeding the Inco. Instead of feeding the Inco purely through the UI, you will be able to place the food in AR space, and the Inco will move to go eat it if they are hungry. But be careful because other Incos might also be hungry and try to eat the food before your Inco can. It’s more fun to see your pet interact with the food!

Pedal to the Metal (by Vidhvat)

This week I worked almost exclusively on Floor It!, our AR hover-car toy. It’s almost ready for all of you to try! I fixed the collision of speeders to make the movement more consistent. I added MOAR visual effects, polished the UI to allow players to respawn at a new location, and optimized the networking code, so everything works smoothly without any hiccups. I also spent some time reconfiguring internals to allow quick iteration on another different secret toy app which we’ll hear about soon! So, stay tuned and keep supporting us.

Choose Your Path Wisely (by Robin)

Recently we have worked together with the engineers at Auki Labs to define and plan a technical improvement that will help us scale up as we add more features to the Matterless apps. A topic we are discussing is interoperability because it will be a huge factor in making sure all apps are playing nice with each other. I can’t really go into details, but we have big things in the pipeline. In the meantime, I’m working on improving the walking pathing so that the pet can end its movement in different directions. This will be used by several other pet behaviors to make the path smoother and look more natural.

The Social Media Stratagem (by Kerwin)

I’ve been putting our August social calendar into action by creating the videos, images, and copywriting for our posts. With the recent hand recognition update and our recently released public AMA and The Cyberdelic Podcast, there is an abundance of content to choose from. Now, the challenge is finding the right pace to publish. A structure I’ve settled on is to use the podcast and AMA as pillars to tell our Matterless story. It all starts with the fundamental elements of augmented reality, then gradually unfolds with more specific details of our patent-pending technology. Each month is an opportunity to put our learnings from the previous month into action in order to increase engagement and our following. I’m excited to see the response to our August strategy and how it will affect our growth.

Thanks for reading and being here with us, week after week. Come say hi to us on Discord!

— compiled by Kerwin, social media manager



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