The Real MVP | State of Matterless #28

The devs and artists are hard at work, and we’ve made underlying philosophies driving our work public through our newly produced The Cyberdelic Podcast and the first public AMA. Here’s the scoop:

The Real MVP

Photo by Patrick on Unsplash

Of the many tasks on our product manager Jason’s plate, the biggest one of all is to define the MVP or Minimum Viable Product. We must figure out the requirements or key features our app must have to be released publicly (and accepted!) Defining the MVP is, therefore, critical in prioritizing the most high-impact features.

With the AR technology we’re building and the infinite possibilities it allows for, it’s easy to get caught up in feature creep. Good ideas can nevertheless bog down development. Our Incos app, for example, is fertile ground for a multitude of progression and retention mechanics, but are those the most important things to work on to achieve an MVP?

This is a question Jason regularly faces as he identifies what makes the core of our product and drives development forward to create Matterless magic.

Visual Matters

Psychedelic Shiba variants

We’ve been working on several upgrades of visual elements for Incos; shiba shaders and an overhaul of the UI is on the current sprint. Our Unity engineers and art team have worked together to conceptualize a shader that can produce custom modular Shiba skins. Then it has to be integrated into the game client to work in a shared AR environment. This will give users’ Incos a one-of-a-kind look also detectable by others; check out the screenshot above! We’re aiming to have this feature ready for our mid-August build, so stay tuned to our social channels for the latest updates on that and support our Patreon to get closed-beta access.

Our senior Unity engineer Andreas also integrated player remote settings. This is a way to store and restore arbitrary player data to our backend. Now we can save the player settings (such as tutorial completion) for each player and not per each device — when the player installs the app on another device, she will not have to redo the tutorial.

The art team has also been bringing in wireframes and design material for an overhaul of the Incos app’s user interface. This major reworking is intended to streamline access to various functions and settings, and free up screen space for your matterless pet to express itself and interact with you more directly. The art team’s also working on 3D assets for different food items you can place in the world for your Inco to om-nom on! As we touched on previously, we want to make feeding less about dragging sliders and pushing buttons and more about giving it to your pet directly, and watching it eat.

The Cyberdelic Podcast, AMA

This week saw the release of not one but two big discussions the team had concerning our Matterless mission and the underlying philosophies driving it. The first is The Cyberdelic Podcast, hosted by our CEO Nils and CCO Damir. Featuring a new sound signature created by our audio wizard Dusko, the podcast is a deep dive into how memetics and cultural transhumanism are influencing both digital and physical realities. Did you know memetics plays a core role in creating both Matterless and Auki labs? And how we think augmented reality is one of the most ancient technologies of the human race?
The first episode is now available. Careful, this is NOT your average conversation.

The second of these discussions is our first-ever public AMA, held on our Discord server the last week of July. Joining our AMA veterans Damir and JD was our CTO Robin, and together they had a conversation with some of our community members. The AMA touched on how we differ from AR competitors, the public stigma of crypto games, current optics of the NFT industry, the differences between ‘game’ and ‘play’, privacy concerns of large tech companies using AR, and more! It is one of the most involved community discussions we’ve had, and if you’d like more of these, let us know! Drop a comment, or come to our Discord. We need you there to build the future of AR.

Enjoy the heat, ferrogosto, or whatever you have planned for the middle of this scorching summer.

— Kerwin, social media manager



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