Do You Have Good Karma? | State of Matterless #15

The monthly build is almost upon us… can you feel the magic in the air?!

The main focus of the next build is to improve the look and feel of the pet. We will give the new pet a whole range of new animations.

You’ve seen bits and pieces of what the new animal models will look like. In 0.4 we have one working in-app: It’s the Shiba! This is the first test of integrating the new animal, which has a totally different type of model and a new set of animations. JD did a great job doing some animation blending is another step toward more believable movement. Also, the pup is even cuter with the whole range of animations!

The previous mood meters were a proof of concept. This new mood system is the base system that we will use going forward, it’s properly built to support anything we want to try in the coming future. Moods will jump up instantly but go down over time. In this build, we are rebuilding the existing behavior, so it shouldn’t be super noticeable (except social goes up in increments instead of smoothly.)

Damn you, Andreas!!!

Along with the new mood system, your karma is now stored on your player account. This means that your current karma will be reset in 0.4. Also, karma will go up in bursts instead of as a smooth increase. But what this means is that now we can have a KARMA LEADERBOARD! So you can see your progress against everyone else in the app. For those with a competitive spirit, have fun!

In our new Auki SDK, the Instant Calibration for Shared AR is much faster and maintains synchronization better. The network speed should be faster, use less bandwidth AND be more stable. Auki Labs continues to improve the stability of the monocular hand reconstruction in different lighting conditions.

You can now control the volume of the sound instead of just turning it on/off.

We are tweaking the UX to make it more user-friendly. Small steps forward will yield a more streamlined experience, so will continue to turn the small knobs on iterative design.

T MINUS FIVE DAYS, everyone! We’re hoping to have the next build ready by mid-week. Today was an emotional day on our Discord. We are so excited to share it with you.


— Jason, product owner



Matterless is building digital toys and companions in shared augmented reality. Play with magic.

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Matterless is building digital toys and companions in shared augmented reality. Play with magic.