Perfecting Our Products | State of Matterless #51

3 min readJan 19, 2023

As the dust starts to settle and we get back into a routine for 2023, our team has been hard at work perfecting the Matterless products! From new car customizations to new sound models, you’ll hear all about that and more in this 51st update!

New to the marketing team

By the way, you may have noticed a new kid on the (Matterless) social media block, and that new kid is me, Shwetha!

I am so happy to be joining the Matterless team as the Digital Marketing Manager and excited to keep you all updated every week on all things Matterless, so let’s get straight into it…

On the Marketing side, the Gen Z in me has been especially excited about working to enhance the Matterless social media platforms and give you, our followers, more of what you want to see on socials! From LinkedIn to TikTok, I am working hard behind the scenes to ensure that all interactions with Matterless social media platforms in 2023 are magical ones! Our broader marketing and BD team have also been hard at work with perfecting pitches and enhancing our BD — all we can say is watch this space!

While we’re talking about social media, if you haven’t yet done so, we would appreciate it if you followed our journey on these social media platforms:

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Discord!

De-noising and de-reverbing

Check out this video courtesy of Dusko showing the language development progress

Dusko from the audio team has successfully established a pipeline for rapid vocal de-noising and de-reverbing for tutorials and podcasts (Auki & Matterless) and has started to create a sound basis for the Incos digital language using 30 different randomized tonal sequences in the Massive X synthesizer.

Dusko has integrated vocal processing into the VST environment for creating EVE-Wall E-style sound modeling and has also added light granular re-sampling to quickly create an entire model of a single creature by recording and inserting the sounds into a pre-defined channel strip.

The next step is to design Incos movement sound mechanisms, which will require some form of magnetic levitation noises, and we can’t wait to see that come to life!

A new speedster model is coming

Development of decals for muscle cars courtesy of Batu

As you may have remembered from the last update, the design team has recently completed the development of decals for muscle car vehicles, which include stripes, tribal designs, animated textures, and animated flames. These decals are designed to enhance the appearance of muscle cars and provide a variety of options for customization unique to a player’s style.

In addition to this, Batu and the team began production on a new “speedster” model, which is a unique hybrid of a motorcycle and drag car that was generated through the use of AI technology. While the base design was generated by AI, Batu made several changes to the silhouette in order to further enhance its overall aesthetic appeal.

They have also set up muscle car vehicle UVs, which are essential for developing the customization system. This will allow players to customize their muscle cars in various ways, further enhancing their personalization options. Overall, the art team is hard at work and dedicated to providing players with the most innovative and exciting vehicles and customization options available.

That’s it for this week! Now we’ve got to get back to doing what we do best, creating magic and showing the world that digital things are indeed real! Don’t forget to download Floorcraft: Arena from the App Store and tag us in your gameplay videos!

Till next time,

-Shwetha, Digital Marketing Manager




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