Latest Releases, Leaderboards and Going for Gold! | State of Matterless #65

3 min readMay 11, 2023


Floorcraft: Blasters 0.2 is LIVE on the app store!

Floorcraft: Blasters 0.2 is live on the app store and comes with a host of new features. In terms of gameplay, you’ll notice that off-screen indicators now match the color of your vehicle. Banshee’s acceleration and responsiveness have been improved. Additionally, the game now has leaderboards and name tags with callsigns. Also, you can now hold to charge your laser and release to fire. Let’s see if you can camp to win 😁

Visually, we improved laser blaster effects, outlines for UI and AR objects, and starships now leave trail particles behind them. The vehicle select screen, steering cursor, and under-glow also got a touch up.

Functional improvements include faster and more precise QR code scanning to join multiplayer, a useful message for launching the app without internet connectivity, and a confirmation screen for purchases. You can now also recalibrate without any hitches.

Charlie and Merlin have been making Floorcraft: Blasters more playable in both portrait and landscape mode, and worldbuilding.

We are calling this the gold standard for Floorcraft: Blasters. This has led us to explore the narrative and setting for the Blasters experience: career stats and customizable pilot profiles with background stories.

Audio Immersions

Dusko was blown away by Merlin’s animations and envisioned what the world behind it looks like. The powerful mining machine, with its rumbling roar and shattering rocks, dominated the scene. Adding a mechanical machine sound, high voltage sparks, and painting a sonic image by using a foreground wind we got a cinematic experience. Does this make you want to play our game?

The vehicle engines have received upgrades, including turning maneuvers and audio dopplers for five out of twelve engine types.

For the best experience we suggest using your earphones.

Incoming Inco Update

JD and the Incos team are working tirelessly on the milestone 2 update, with milestone 3 just on the horizon. They have made some exciting improvements to enhance your experience with your Inco.

Firstly, they’ve adjusted the distance and offset values to ensure that the move destinations stay more centered on the screen. They’ve also added a feature where the Inco will start following you if you move away from it. Previously, the Inco would get stuck walking in circles, sometimes floating or snapping upwards. This is now resolved.

Very slow and very fast move moods have been temporarily disabled. Lastly, when your Inco finishes an action far away from you, it will immediately move back closer to you and appear on the screen to get more cuddles.

That’s it for this week folks! Download the latest version of Floorcraft:Blasters, let us know what you think and tag us on social in your gameplay videos!

-Shwetha, Digital Marketing Manager




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