Landscapes & Sound States | State of Matterless #64

3 min readMay 3, 2023


Without realizing it, May has arrived! This week — the new website is up and running, art and sound updates galore, and some startup adventures. Charge, aim, blast off!

A Matterless Page-lift

We are excited to announce that we have finally updated the Matterless website! After a month of planning, designing, and development, we can unveil the new and improved web with you. We have incorporated visuals and multimedia we have been cooking up in the last few months, and thanks to Shwetha Suredin and Huang Shuning, the site is finally live. We would love to get some feedback here, do let us know in the comments.

What’s Over the Horizon?

Last week, the art department continued to expand the world-building for the Floorcraft Blasters by developing a loose narrative. This narrative will help inform future design language decisions for new in-app and marketing assets on the horizon. We are big fans of Tuskan raiders… and you?

Merlin Perry began pre-production on some animation art-style tests for prospective animated content and new, organic obstacles with Batuhan Kucuk.

Servo Sound-off!

Floorcraft Blasters now have an expanded laser sound that is even more powerful. The sound is divided into three events: weaponize & precharge, hold to aim, and blaster fire. Plus, we’ve generated 12 new examples of the Banshee engine, primarily consisting of jet-based machines that will replace the current hum.

For Incos, Dusko Samardic-Kovacic developed the first sounds of micromechanics associated with body parts such as ears, hands, torso, and head. Our sound design is based on micro stepper servos, processed with granular synthesis and bit crushers.

We’ve also added a melodic extension of the language to emphasize the mood and complement the vocal phrase, depending on the situation and action in which Inco finds itself. This approach brings the entire range of movement and speech to what we call Pixar grade level of design!

Sometimes, we all F-up

This week, Damir is co-hosting an event in Zagreb, Croatia. Every startup strives for success, but the path to success is often paved with problems too big to overcome. Unfortunately, the vast majority of startups fail to achieve their plans, and the best startups often arise from the mistakes and failures of their founders.

On Thursday night, CRO Startup is organizing a very special evening to celebrate the failures of local startups. If you’re in Croatia, come and join a discussion about the various reasons why startups have failed, including the weird, sad, funny, and unbelievable.

That’s it for this week's curated list of updates; if you’d like to know about all of them, join us on Discord at! Happy hump day!

— Damir, CCO




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