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4 min readJan 26, 2023

As we wrap up the last week of January, it’s safe to say we started 2023 off with a bang! Among the many opportunities and partnerships taking shape behind the scenes, our dev teams have been busy working on #Floorcraft: Arena and #Incos.

In this devlog, we share the latest updates to Floorcraft: Arena and Incos which bring a host of new features, gameplay improvements, and bug fixes to enhance the overall user experience, so let’s jump straight into it!

Floorcraft 0.1.2 Release Notes

  • User Flow: To prevent conflicts between placing obstacles and steering, obstacle placement now happens before you spawn your vehicle. A “Remove obstacles” button has also been added for your convenience. Additionally, you can now change your vehicle while on the respawn screen and see a player-joined notification upon successfully joining a multiplayer session. Finally, power-up usage can now be activated by tapping anywhere on screen, and the cooldown is now more visible.
  • Gameplay: In addition to earning points for causing other vehicles to explode, the player with the most points now gains a winner’s crown on their vehicle. However, be aware that you will lose 75% of your points upon exploding. Additionally, the speed boost has been retuned to be a Dash attack power-up with more… well, boost!
  • Look and Feel: The game’s visuals have been improved with a new rendering pipeline that enhances the lighting and look of the vehicles. Additionally, there are now haptic vibrations upon the explosion of your vehicle, and the muscle car has been updated with a new model.

Incos 0.7 Release Notes

  • Look and Feel: The theme of the main user interface has been updated, as well as the inventory theme, which now has minor usage improvements. Additionally, there is now a player joined notification upon successfully joining a multiplayer session, and the soundscape of the UI buttons has been updated. The new Multiplayer QR Scanning Screen conveys clearer information.
  • Gameplay: The 2D Mode is now 3D mode (when not in AR), and petting the Inco appropriately affects its mood. The Inco now communicates its mood in a speech bubble above its head and glows after taking an action that changes its mood. The background color in 3D mode now reflects the Inco’s mood, and the Inco in 3D mode now behaves the same as in AR. Additionally, you can now pet the Inco in 3D mode, placing your hand within proximity of the Inco plays a sound indicating the distance between them and causes visual distortions on the Inco to help with depth perception and touch accuracy. Hand occlusion pixelation is improved, and updated sounds for petting. Collaborative plane calibration to improve position syncing
  • Bug Fixes: We’ve fixed an issue where the petting sound persists if you open the camera, fixed various issues caused by switching between AR and 3D quickly, or background the app while in AR, and many issues involving hand detection accuracy.

Creative Friday Hackathon

Last week Thursday and Friday, the team combined two Creative Fridays and tested out a Hackathon. The results speak for themselves! Here’s a quick summary of the cool stuff we got up to!

Merlin played around with a quick-fire creation for Floorcraft powerup-playground. (How awesome?)

Jason was successful in implementing an erase function for the AR drawing app.

Ready to roll!

JD made some enhancements to our upcoming dice interaction.

New visuals:

  • the die is spawning again after switching to URP
  • VFX now attach to the die
  • Dice flies parabolically to the landing point
  • Rolls are shown onscreen

Behind the scenes:

  • Odal was removed after switching to URP
  • System for managing local assets built
  • UI view and controllers are built out to interface between the UI and services
  • State machine updates and optimizations
  • Figured out the math behind rotating icosahedrons (a twenty-sided polyhedron) to land with different faces showing. We also used ChatGPT to get that right.

That's it for this week, we hope you enjoyed reading about these updates! Don’t forget to download #Floorcraft: Arena and tag us in your gameplay videos, and as always, if you have any feedback or if you just want to say Hi, feel free to pop us a message and connect on social media - we promise to message and follow back!

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-Shwetha Suredin

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