From The Blasters Battleground! | State of Matterless #59

4 min readMar 24


Welcome back! With each passing day, our dream of showing the world digital things are real is increasingly embodied in AR. Read on to get this week's inside scoop from Matterless HQ!

Arena News

Arena power-up bonanza!!!

The past week has been about improving the power-up particles and shaders in Phase One. Phase One involves deploying SEVEN power-ups into the next stable build of Floorcraft: Arena. Batu and the art team took inspiration from some of our favorite games and fiction to make some beautiful, dynamic VFX. Above, you can see the new, improved power-ups and a wrecking ball/Banshee hunter drone.

Time-shift concept

The Shadow Clone and Dash power-ups are waiting to be injected into the game. However, we have some exciting new ones in the pipeline, including the time-shift power-up you can see for the first time.

Cell-shaded Banshee MK 8 and a new dynamic pointer

Meanwhile, Marko and Merlin have been working on something topical for Blasters! This is a cel shader; a toon or cel shader is often used to mimic the style of a comic book or cartoon, and it can give the render a characteristic paper-like texture; but cel shaders can be used for a lot more. We are preparing some cool stuff with these tools.

Outline shaders' first iteration

What’s Happening in Hong Kong

As you may remember from the last update, Damir and Dusko are in Hong Kong, and together with the help of the rest of the team, they are in talks with local corporations about using some Matterless prototypes.

They are also setting up a physical showroom where prospective partners and future clients can see what an AR-enriched space will feel like. More on that in a few weeks.

On The Marketing Side

We’re working on different projects, like updating and optimizing our Discord server; if you haven’t yet joined our Discord- you can do so HERE, and share any feedback you have or let us know what you’d like to see. We are also updating our website to reflect the recent projects we are working on; the biggest piece of news here is the addition of Rightful Ruler, the AR tabletop wargaming measurement tool. You can take a look at our socials to be the first to know when our new website is live.

Our CEO is in the Forbes Podcast

Nils recently chatted with Forbes on their Futures In Focus podcast and spoke about Auki Labs building a persistent AR layer with the help of the posemesh. ConjureKit, Auki’s Unity SDK allows app developers to create social augmented reality experiences in a fashion similar to us here at Matterless. It’s a great listen if you’d like to know more about our immersive tech and our future plans.

That’s all for this update folks! Until the next time, remember to download Floorcraft: Arena and tag us in your gameplay videos!

-Shwetha (Digital Marketing Manager)




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