Floorcraft: Blasters 0.2, In-game crates and Incos! | State of Matterless #61

4 min readApr 12, 2023


In this week’s update, we share exciting news about the latest version of the Floorcraft: Blasters game, 0.2 (18) which includes a range of new features and improvements, from updated UI and audio, to bug fixes and improved in-game mechanics. The art team has also been hard at work exploring new visual solutions for Floorcraft: Blasters in-game crates, while the Incos team continue to gain momentum in their mission. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details of this week’s update!

Floorcraft: Blasters 0.2 New Features and Improvements

Floorcraft: Blasters 0.2 (18) is now live on Testflight and it brings a range of new features and improvements to the gameplay experience. This build includes updates of the latest versions of ConjureKit (0.5.51) and Manna (0.5.80) (technology from Auki Labs), which should improve the game’s overall stability and performance.

One of the most significant changes in the update is the handling of network connection errors on app start. Players should now experience fewer connection issues, which should make the game more enjoyable to play. Additionally, the team worked on a new animated splash screen and UI design, which should give the game a fresh and modern look.

(Start up screen)

Further to this, players will now be treated to a new post-purchase celebration UI, giving better feedback that the transaction was successfully completed. The AR marker UI has also been updated, which should make it easier for players to navigate and use the feature.

We are especially excited to share a new vehicle visual style and improvements to the vehicle tail VFX, which we explained in depth in last week’s blog.

(Blasters tail VFX)

Scannable QR codes in the app now take users to the AppStore, which should make it simpler for other players to download the game. Dusko has also improved the audio, which aims to make the game’s sound effects and music more immersive.

But that’s not all. Merlin and the art team have been working on new visual solutions for in-game crates that may be coming soon. Players will be able to smash through them, adding dynamism to the playing area. The design of these crates will be directly tied to the game’s lore and long-term art direction. Check out the development and concepts of the in-game crates below:

(Concept/development of in-game crates)

Incos Updates

While things are taking off on the Blasters side, JD and the Incos team are also making good progress with the Inco development. The team are currently working on improvements to the Inco movement and idle behavior. Players will now experience more idling time, making it less likely for the Inco to disappear from the screen. The UX/UI of the hand calibration mechanic has also been updated to be more clear for players, which should improve the overall experience.

Finally, the update includes the virtual beings milestone 2 delivery, which includes infrastructure updates, multiplayer functionality, and additional interactions between the hand and the Inco.

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to download Floorcraft: Blasters and tag us in your gameplay videos! Feel free to join our Discord server to weigh in on the conversation and to share your feedback on Floorcraft and Incos.

-Shwetha, Digital Marketing Manager




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