Enter Our Art Bible | State of Matterless #68

3 min readJun 20, 2023


As the experiences we are making are evolving we want to keep you updated so we are giving you a sneakpeak into our Art Bible! Within these virtual pages, we unveil the essence of our artistic vision, sharing the secrets behind our art teams’ most essential creative process.

Toy Stories

Nerf guns are cool.

We are exploring new design opportunities for future products through Asset Material Exploration, using the camera drone as a vessel. The focus is on the digital TOY aspect.

We are also exploring opportunities to add stickers to the toys you own. Some may be unique personalizations, while others may be exciting brand or product deal activation rewards.

As we approach the fast-approaching new vehicle design, we look forward to stress-testing this aesthetic on the latest assets.

The Blob

We are introducing a new enemy with concept and early 3D mockups. This organism is attracted to our machinery and will infect mech/tech. Higher-difficulty enemies will incorporate bits of metal from our vehicles/towers. This is the base-level goon with a lot of scope to expand in a variety of ways.

Pixel-grade excellence.

We are optimizing the new Tower for injection, resulting in a significant boost in visual fidelity. This new tower includes animated screens, rotating cogs, and dynamic gaming opportunities.

Inco Upgrades

New fetch animations.

We’ve upgraded the Virtual Beings engine for better movement accuracy and smoother transitions between planes, such as tables and floors.

We added some new custom animations to the Inco, which were integrated directly into the Virtual Beings animation system. These new animations allow for throwing and picking up various objects using something like the Force :).

We also added new gesture reactions and controls, so the Inco now responds to certain hand gestures. And we started prep for multiplayer support in Incos!

Treasure Hunting in AR

ARRR you ready for the treasure hunt?

Charlie has been working with Jason, Marko, and Andy on a smaller project in AR, a treasure hunts for kids.

Teachers, parents, or small businesses can set up their own treasure hunts within a domain, challenging children to solve riddles about the location of hidden goods.

In Floorcraft: Blasters we improved the recording process: we changed from a text timer to a visual indicator that loops around the stop recording button. This helps you record while maintaining navigation and use of other app features… we think we have a killer application in the Treasure Hunt usecase, and will tell you more about it in the future.

Thank you for embarking on this odyssey with us, and keep reading our updates. Stay tuned for more revelations, inspirations, and creations from Matterless Studios.

— Damir, Head of Comms, Co-founder @ Matterless




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