Embracing Togetherness | State of Matterless #33

As we touched on recently, togetherness is the ultimate mode of consciousness, and the Matterless team is embracing it in more ways than one! Right this way…

As the quest for digital reality grows more ambitious, we must join together with new friends so that their talents can augment our magic. Say hello to Andy and Sylwia!

Andy Lau — Unity Developer

I enjoy gaming and learning new things. Making games is fun, but requires many skills like 3D modeling and music production, both of which I have a passion for! Although it’s challenging to try new things, there can be no success without failure.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with Rightful Ruler, Auki Labs’ virtual measurement tool for competitive tabletop sports, and with the progress we’re making, we’ll eventually have shared AR without using SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). I’m excited to see what games we can make with this tech!

Check out Andy’s music and 3D modeling works!

Sylwia Borzyńska — QA Tester

I never thought that I would end up working with games, but I think I couldn’t have been luckier. Before joining Matterless, I worked at one of the biggest Polish mobile developers — Ten Square Games. I learned a lot at TSG and now I’m very excited to work with my first AR application. I know it will be a very interesting and fun experience.

Being a dancer, I can also express myself in very different ways. I can create a new world where I can be whatever I want and forget about everything else. Dancing is my whole world. Maybe I will be able to record some dancing animations with the use of motion capture in the future…who knows?

Besides that, I love spending my time near nature, traveling, and getting to know new places. My dream is to visit the Seychelles in the future! And, I love to cook and eat, but I have to be careful with sweets, as they are quite addictive.

Our CCO Damir helped organize a team on-site in Zagreb, Croatia, his hometown;

Over ten members of both the Matterless and Auki Labs teams have convened in Zagreb for our biggest on-site meetup yet! We have realized these meetups are important for all of us to pinpoint which memes are circulating in our organization and when we need either a refresher or eradication of an old idea. Being in a startup is hard work, and we must all keep up to date with a lot of changes on a daily basis. But I wouldn’t change this for anything.

The amount of revolutionary work done by every member of both Matterless and Auki Labs is starting to reach critical mass. We are bursting at the seams to show you some of the innovations we have been working on.


This week Damir also pitched Matterless at the INVENTO MeetUP that took place at Wespa Spaces. This Demo Day was an event for startups, investors, and all those interested in innovation and new technological solutions that have a positive impact on the community, concentrating on urban development in the EU in the future.

Being able to physically reach out and touch your matterless creature is what separates our AR pet experience from all others. One of the ways we’re evoking that sense of touch is through aural feedback. Watch the video above and turn up your sound; you’ll hear an electronic buzz emanating from the Inco as our sound engineer Dusko pets him! Dusko explains:

Being digital spirits, our matterless creatures are given life by a force that is electrical in nature. Where biological lifeforms have bloodstreams, digital lifeforms have electrical ones. The multi-zoned touch and response system, which will also feature haptics, will give our AR apps a level of realism that hasn’t been experienced before.

This is just the beginning of our audio-visual interaction effects, which will strengthen the feelings of togetherness with your Inco as you pet it. Our artists Merlin and Batu have also been concepting visual effects for when your hand makes contact; check out the visualization above! Soon, we’ll be able to showcase this in-engine, along with additional effects our CTO Robin is working on. Stay tuned!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what interaction effects we can explore, so let us know on our Discord. In the meantime, you can learn more about Matterless on our Linktree. Have a good weekend, and see you next time!

— Kerwin, social media manager



Matterless is building digital toys and companions in shared augmented reality. Play with magic.

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Matterless is building digital toys and companions in shared augmented reality. Play with magic.