Designing Reality

Source: 愚木混株

Internally Congruent Perception

Our bodies have a wide range of senses, and our minds have great libraries of experiences and expectations that all come together to form a cohesive picture of what is truly real.

Is it blue and black, or white and gold? A lack of agreement on what people were seeing is what kicked up “The Dress” viral phenomenon in 2015.

Intersubjectivity, or Externally Congruent Perception

However, our internal truth-checking algorithm has advanced social proofing built-in, as well. In my opinion as a behavioral engineer, one of the most neglected aspects of human psychology is that we have a deep need for external verification of our perceptions.

Source: War and Peas

Intersubjectivity As A Design Principle

Shared AR is two, twenty, or two hundred people seeing and interacting with the same matterless creature on their devices



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Our mission is to prove to the world that digital things are real by creating genre-defining experiences in shared augmented reality. Magic is matterless.