Creating Magic & Preparing for Blast-Off | State of Matterless #58

3 min readMar 13, 2023

Welcome back, Floorcrafters! Our second app Floorcraft: Blasters is almost ready to ship! But that’s not all; our creative Friday yielded some wicked projects too.

Mission: Blasters

Andreas and the team have been busy with a host of updates, including new UI, fixed respawn logic for the non-premium version, unlimited respawn entering a domain via a static lighthouse, and unlimited respawn for the premium version… and we got it onto the AppStore on Friday night!

We realized the 0.14 build was ready to ship, so we crunched a bit on Friday and got it out, to test and show you all why we think this is a fun experience all by itself in the grander Floorcraft universe.

Other updates include a new premium vehicle, a reskinned settings panel, laser and obstacle placement sounds, and improved arrow buttons in the vehicle selector. Additionally, a UI lock screen has been implemented while waiting for AppStore in-app purchase and a visual bug on the app start for freshly installed apps has been fixed.

Creative Friday Updates

Robin, who always had a keen interest in both coding and composing has been making progress on his AR instruments idea. Using hand calibration can help determine hand size which can turn any flat surface into an instrument by tapping it. Now, both tapping reliability and responsiveness have increased.

All image, no tone.

Jason and JD have been prototyping a new type of experience — indoor navigation. Jason forked the drawing app we made and turned it into something new. Now you can touch the screen and create dots, or nodes. These nodes connect into a graph, allowing users to connect them and create routes in space. The result — a pre-set path you can follow!

Here is a pre-set path from a Hong Kong coworking office we work from, to the coffee machine in the lounge area. As Damir and Dusko arrived in Hong Kong to work with the team on-site, Jason helped put this together for them to get their daily fix of caffeine.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for more weekly updates, and as always don’t forget to tag us in your gameplay videos!

-Shwetha, Digital Marketing Manager




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