AR animals company Matterless partners with investor Cryp2Gem

Virtual tigers love fruit grown from metamass.

Following the announcement of Matterless’ 1.25m USD seed equity round last week, we are happy to reveal another exciting partnership with the blockchain-savvy people over at Cryp2Gem. The fund has a confirmed allocation in the first private sale of the token Metamass, which fuels many of the most important interactions inside the Matterless universe.

Cryp2Gems has secured an allocation in Matterless’ first presale.

The idea of having an online pet-companion that you’re able to see and interact with in all but a real tactile sense is something that captured my imagination,” explains investment manager Steve Hayward. “The world is full of people seeking out meaningful relationships online, why not direct some of that energy into an online companion?”

The Matterless project is using patent-pending AR sharing technology developed by Auki Labs to make experiences that effortlessly and instantly transfer across participants.

The seamless sharing across devices helps make the animals feel more real. “Things that occupy space better occupy the mind,” says Matterless founder Nils Pihl. “Allowing the virtual companions to be spatially present and embodied adds a degree of fidelity missing in other parasocial interactions.”

Takes some guts to try to backflip on a tree stump.

Apart from two private pre-sales scheduled for this year, the Matterless team will also be providing early backers and community members the ability to pre-purchase rare NFT companions.

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Matterless Studios is an augmented reality studio building the future of digital relationships, creating outlets for human love, nurture, and creativity. For more information visit, join the Discord, or follow us on Twitter or here on Medium.



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